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Energizer EPX625G Alkaline 1.5V Battery


The LR9 PX625 is a battery that is used in a variety of camera models. Two of the most popular models are the Canon and the Olympus and the LR9 PX625 easily replaces the battery in each camera. Along with cameras, this battery powers meters, video cameras, calculators, key fobs, small medical devices, and some toys. It has all of the strength that you would expect and with a long shelf life that allows you to stock up and always have a steady supply on hand.

The LR9 battery has the following dimensions: 15.5mm in diameter and 5.9mm in height with 200mAh capacity. The battery consists of ‘stepped’ concentric disks with 1.5 volts of power. It operates in temperatures ranging from -10C to 50C.

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